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 guild generally accepted rules

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PostSubject: guild generally accepted rules   Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:00 pm

this guild has gotten bigger, but still remains with these rules that I expect all to follow with no issues.

- respect your fellow players and guildies; that means no ksing, do not pk them for a spot unless harassed, do not hate on guildies for asking a question.. many are new to last chaos and just need a helping hand.

- no begging; i know we're poor and i know we're all working hard to get what we need to make ourselves awesome, but begging for stuff makes everyone resent you as a player. This also includes begging for plvling.. now if you need something feel free to ask, but when i say beg, i mean asking over and over and over again in guild chat or in open chat for lvling/money/items. not cool.

- All skills must be maxed a player is only as strong as his skills, you could be lvl 90 but as weak as a lvl 17 char.. and only because you have no skill points. When i suggest farming in prokian temple I honestly hope you'll take that advice and stay there to max all your skills and farm more skill points so as to be able to max your next skills when you class up. You will be bored, but its manditory in my books.. Sp is more important then lvl's. Remember this and get that sp.

These 3 general rules are widely accepted across LC, not just in INSOMNIACS. I want this guild to be respected as a fun and friendly guild with amazing skills and strong players.. not a guild that is full of chars that are pk crazy and weak as all hell with a bad attitude.

Lets all try to keep INSOMNIACS as great a guild as it is now by keeping to these rules, any that have issues with these rules feel free to contact me. I don't think they will be hard to follow considering most of you already follow then with out knowing it Razz

I love you guys, lets go have fun, get that sp done fast so we can party, i look forward to seeing how awesome you all will be very soon.

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PostSubject: Re: guild generally accepted rules   Mon Mar 09, 2009 9:48 am

Razz we love you too. Ill definitly try and make this guild better
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guild generally accepted rules
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